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Under fire?: Cortez’s chief shares his views on police work, protests and the future

Print this articleAnger, rudeness, and general bad behavior on the part of other human beings may be upsetting. People who are subjected to such hostility want something to be done to stop it, and they may call the police. But … Continue reading

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Making a trip from ‘Yellowstone’: Four States Junior Rodeo contestants get a visit from actor Forrie J. Smith

Print this articleYellowstone was the most-watched cable TV show of 2020. It’s about a Montana ranch family, with Kevin Costner starring as John Dutton, owner of the largest cattle ranch in the U.S., who is fighting to preserve his land … Continue reading

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Centennial farmers: Bessie White recalls the community and bonds of the Great Sage Plain

Print this articleWhen Bessie White was 4 years old, she and her family moved from the harsh Canadian landscape of Vermillion, Alberta, to another beautiful yet unforgiving terrain: Ackman, Colo. Situated on the Great Sage Plain in Southwest Colorado, just … Continue reading

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