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Diversion for most: Five locals charged with harassment in a January incident in Cortez will have those charges dropped if they complete the court’s requirements

And then there was one. Five of six suspects charged with harass­ing members of the Justice and Peace coali­tion in downtown Cortez in January have agreed to write letters of apology and enter a diversion program operated by the 22nd … Continue reading

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Harassment charges proceed against six locals

Note: This article contains some offensive lan­guage. The cases against six suspects charged with harassing members of the Justice and Peace demonstrators last January in down­town Cortez are working their way through the court system, but as of press time, … Continue reading

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Under fire?: Cortez’s chief shares his views on police work, protests and the future

Anger, rudeness, and general bad behavior on the part of other human beings may be upsetting. People who are subjected to such hostility want something to be done to stop it, and they may call the police. But can law … Continue reading

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Opposite views: Protests for and against Black Lives Matter rage in Cortez

Cortez’s Main Street has become a lively place to be on Saturday mornings. For weeks, people have turned out for a march organized by St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in support of the “Black Lives Matter” movement. It reflects demonstrations taking … Continue reading

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