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Not at home on the range

This issue of the Free Press speaks to the horse and bison problems on public lands and in our National Parks. Much has been written, debated, speculated and discussed (loudly) concerning the “issues” of wild/feral horses on the federal lands. … Continue reading

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The air that we breathe

The internal combustion engine has been with us since the 1700s. By 1890 a fella named Otto Benz (yep, of Mercedes-Benz) had put one in a motorcar and made a successful business of selling them. The basic design of the … Continue reading

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Vote 2020

It is not our place to tell you how to vote, but we do encourage all eligible voters to weigh in on this election. Not voting is a decision to let other people decide your future; in this way, staying away from the polls IS a kind of passive vote. If you plan ahead, it is very easy to vote–no braving the elements, no waiting in line, no last-minute scramble. Continue reading

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Direct elections: National Popular Vote continues the long fight for voting rights

Congressman Lewis once said, “The right to vote is precious and almost sacred, and one of the most important blessings of our democracy . . . We must ensure every vote and every voter counts.”

The League of Women Voters of Colorado believes one of the best ways to make that statement a reality is to support Proposition 113, the National Popular Vote. Continue reading

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We should attack COVID-19 as we would a wildfire

2003 was a terrible wildfire year for the United States. As an incident commander for the federal wildland fire community, I led my team on many assignments across the country, working under the Incident Command System. This proven system is … Continue reading

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Patagonia just made history. Now it should do even more.

If Patagonia really wants to advocate for the environment, the brand should back candidates who will vote for a Green New Deal Recently, Patagonia announced its support for two Democratic candidates running for Senate seats in November — Jon Tester in Montana … Continue reading

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Sportsmen vote public lands and waters

By David Lien September was Public Lands Month, a celebration of America’s iconic public lands and waters. Fall is also a time when hunters, anglers and other outdoorsmen and women are getting their boots dirty on the 640 million public … Continue reading

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Rumors of the death of expertise

By Sally Planalp and George Cheney There’s a lot of talk these days in our country about the “death of expertise,” a phrase that has caught on, as well as being the title of a popular book by Tom Nichols. … Continue reading

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Trump throws sportsmen under the bus

By David Lien During President Trump’s first year in office he promised to be a conservation president along the lines of America’s greatest hunter-conservationist, Theodore Roosevelt. Instead he — along with his Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke — threw sportsmen under … Continue reading

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Climate change: Eight reasons for hope

By Susan Atkinson If you are looking for reasons to be depressed about our warming planet, there is no shortage of concerns. We are inundated with new findings on a daily basis about the breaking of yet another arctic shelf, … Continue reading

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Why archaeology matters

By Leslie Sesler Dexter Gill believes that ARPA, the Archaeological Resources Protection Act, should be revisited (Four Corners Free Press, January 2017). That may be a good idea. But first, a little history and background seems to be in order, … Continue reading

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