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Make sure your primary vote matters

In 2016, Colorado voters approved Proposition 108 allowing unaffiliated voters to vote in Colorado primary elections without registering with a particular party. Unaffiliated voters receive two ballots in the primary and choose which primary in which they will participate. Only … Continue reading

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What is ‘pro gay’?

A local citizen recently shared on a Facebook page called “Voices of Montezuma county uncensored” a post highly critical of the Black Lives Matter movement. It claimed that “the truth” about BLM is that “they want to defund the police, … Continue reading

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The great victory on Feb. 16

It was a great victory for the forces of righteousness on Feb. 16. Thank goodness Lance McDaniel was recalled from his position on the Montezuma-Cortez Re-1 school board by a 2-1 margin. This should put an end to the dire … Continue reading

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A recall election over political differences

I would like to say a few words of support for School Board Director, Lance McDaniel. Sadly, RE-1 School District is being tasked with holding a recall election to recall a Director for no other reason except political differences. I … Continue reading

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Hunters and anglers support the CORE Act

Public land hunters and anglers know from experience that the best hunting and fishing goes hand in hand with healthy fish and game habitat. The Colorado Outdoor Recreation and Economy (CORE) Act would help ensure the future of our hunting … Continue reading

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Trump’s treason

In 2017, a handful of individualswere arrested in the Hart Senate Office Building for reading scripture aloud. They were protesting the GOP-backed tax bill, which they felt was unfair to the poor. They engaged in peaceful civil disobedience, and they … Continue reading

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Why no masks?

Recently I went to town (Cortez) to run errands, which I’ve kept to a minimum during the coronavirus epidemic. While there I called in a lunch order to Pippo’s, then went to collect it 15 minutes later. On the door … Continue reading

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2020 ballot issues, Part II

Things have changed, as we suspected, for the November ballot. There are now 11 questions for us to consider. A couple need no extensive explanation, so we can consider the more complex in detail. Continue reading

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Vote 2020

It is not our place to tell you how to vote, but we do encourage all eligible voters to weigh in on this election. Not voting is a decision to let other people decide your future; in this way, staying away from the polls IS a kind of passive vote. If you plan ahead, it is very easy to vote–no braving the elements, no waiting in line, no last-minute scramble. Continue reading

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Thumbs up for Proposition 113

One person, one vote. Whoever garners the most votes, wins. That’s how it should be. Vote yes on Proposition 113. Continue reading

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Say no to Colorado’s Proposition 115

Proposition 115 is not reasonable or well thought out. It ought to be rejected. Continue reading

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2020 ballot issues, Part I

By now you have heard that this year’s election is the most critical we have ever faced. This month and next we will look into the issues on the November ballot to see if this be true. Why the issues and not the candidates? Candidates, office – holders and appointees come and go. But their policies and laws and amendments we pass have staying power. And, we can factually examine the ballot issues whereas the politicians are subject to the prevailing winds and your own opinion and scrutiny. Continue reading

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Direct elections: National Popular Vote continues the long fight for voting rights

Congressman Lewis once said, “The right to vote is precious and almost sacred, and one of the most important blessings of our democracy . . . We must ensure every vote and every voter counts.”

The League of Women Voters of Colorado believes one of the best ways to make that statement a reality is to support Proposition 113, the National Popular Vote. Continue reading

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There are still things to be grateful for

The world is a bleak place these days, but not everything is bad. It doesn’t hurt to look to the positive once in a while. So we at the Four Corners Free Press would like to make note of some … Continue reading

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We’ll miss working with Roy Lane

Police and journalists typically have a somewhat contentious relationship. Their desires are often at odds – police want to conduct investigations at their own pace, keeping that information to themselves until they make arrests. Journalists want to obtain as much … Continue reading

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Yanking the rug out from under our feet

A case can be made that Bears Ears National Monument was, at 1.35 million acres, too large when it was designated by President Obama in 2016. We’re not saying we wholly buy that, but it can reasonably be argued that … Continue reading

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Coal loses out because of crippling regulations

It is misleading to say that “coal is rapidly losing out to cheaper energy sources like natural gas and renewables, leading to a historic downturn in mining.” (The Coal Conundrum: The Navajo Nation weighs the cost of saving power-plant, mining … Continue reading

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