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We’ll miss working with Roy Lane

Print this articlePolice and journalists typically have a somewhat contentious relationship. Their desires are often at odds – police want to conduct investigations at their own pace, keeping that information to themselves until they make arrests. Journalists want to obtain … Continue reading

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Yanking the rug out from under our feet

Print this articleA case can be made that Bears Ears National Monument was, at 1.35 million acres, too large when it was designated by President Obama in 2016. We’re not saying we wholly buy that, but it can reasonably be … Continue reading

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Coal loses out because of crippling regulations

Print this articleIt is misleading to say that “coal is rapidly losing out to cheaper energy sources like natural gas and renewables, leading to a historic downturn in mining.” (The Coal Conundrum: The Navajo Nation weighs the cost of saving … Continue reading

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