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Special districts: The underground government

Print this articleThree years ago, a not-so-quiet revolution occurred in Montezuma County when the board members of the Cortez Sanitation District were resoundingly recalled over a policy that the majority of its customers saw as heartless and draconian. The district’s … Continue reading

Published in May 2004

Bush-bashing books may not make a difference

Print this articleAn awful lot of authors seem to have been inspired by the Bush administration lately. Every time I turn on the television Larry King or Charlie Rose is asking a concerned-looking, 60-ish male why George Bush thinks God … Continue reading

Published in janelle holden, May 2004

Lies, damned lies and Bush politics

Print this article“These guys are the most crooked, you know, lying group I’ve ever seen – it’s scary.” — Sen. John Kerry “Mission Accomplished,” declared a huge banner the White House had prepared as a backdrop for President Bush’s visit … Continue reading

Published in April 2004, David Long

River of Sorrows: Drought strangles the Dolores

Print this articleIt’s been described as more of an elaborate plumbing system than a real-life natural river, its water caged, sucked and pumped away for the sake of farming and domestic use. But a revived movement is growing to promote … Continue reading

Published in April 2004

Public-lands littering widespread

Print this articleThey had two choices: Clean it up, or just rename it Trash Canyon and let it go. Bureau of Land Management officials opted for the former. On Saturday, April 10, they’ll be hosting a community clean-up effort in … Continue reading

Published in April 2004

Missionary Ridge timber sale in limbo

Print this articleIf a tree falls in the forest, who gets it? That’s the question on many people’s minds these days when they consider the fire-damaged Missionary Ridge area near Durango. Two years ago in June, a wildfire raged across … Continue reading

Published in April 2004

Loose dogs wreak havoc, but penalties are few

Print this article“One who owns or keeps in his or her possession a domestic animal and has no knowledge of its vicious, dangerous or destructive habits or tendencies is not legally responsible for injuries or damage caused by such animal.” … Continue reading

Published in April 2004

Is Kerry more than just the anti-Bush?

Print this articleAt a dinner party last weekend, a friend of mine announced that he had an important question to ask our host. “George,” he said, munching on a shrimp cocktail, “You have eight months to answer this, but I … Continue reading

Published in April 2004, janelle holden

Testing the yellow waters

Print this articleWhile many right-thinking folks are focusing all their energies on getting rid of the scurrilous Patriot Act, our civil liberties are being seriously eroded on yet another front with hardly a whimper of protest. In one of several … Continue reading

Published in David Long, March 2004

Scientists urge restraint in thinning piñons

Print this articleA group of scientists and researchers is challenging the conventional notion that dead piñon trees need to be aggressively cleared to reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire. However, some fire experts disagree and worry that the researchers’ advice … Continue reading

Published in March 2004

Former deputy marshal defends his performance in Mancos

Print this articleIn response to recent articles regarding the Mancos Marshal’s Office, ex-deputy Wesley Short has asked to tell his side of the story — the story of his employment with and dismissal from the marshal’s office. Short contacted the … Continue reading

Published in March 2004

Fog over the Four Corners: Part II

Print this article(Second in a two-part series) Click here to read Part I The quality of air throughout the Four Corners has slipped in recent years, partly because of rampant energy development in northwestern New Mexico. Now, the federal government’s … Continue reading

Published in March 2004

Defense attorney files complaint against Olt

Print this article Prosecutors, who are enforcers of the law, have higher ethical duties than other lawyers because they are ministers of justice, not just advocates. . . . they must be forever vigilant that their conduct as attorneys not … Continue reading

Published in March 2004

C’etait une bon fete

Print this articleFor one night, Mancos’ Grand Ave was transformed into New Orleans’ famous Bourbon Street. On Feb. 21, the town hosted its first annual Mardi Gras Ball, a benefit for the Community Center and Mancos Opera House. Despite stormy … Continue reading

Published in March 2004

O’Neil seeks to revitalize Mancos Marshal’s Office

Print this articleLook out, criminals, there’s a new marshal in Mancos and he aims to clean up the town. After months of unrest within the Mancos Marshal’s Office during the past year, things finally might be settling down. With a … Continue reading

Published in February 2004

Fog over the Four Corners: Part I

Print this article(First in a two-part series) Click here to read Part II The thought of smog polluting the rural Four Corners seems implausible, but in fact pollution levels in the region are already on the rise. And with major … Continue reading

Published in February 2004

District attorney mulls second term despite critics

Print this articleEditors’s note: The several attorneys and law-enforcement officers who agreed to comment for this story did so under condition of anonymity, since they must work closely with the District Attorney’s office in trying to deliver criminal justice in … Continue reading

Published in February 2004

Bluff Balloon Festival sets skies aglow

Print this article If you have ever been curious about hot-air balloons, then Bluff, Utah, was the place to be Jan. 15-18 for the sixth annual Bluff International Balloon Festival. It was an event not to be missed. The festival … Continue reading

Published in February 2004

A city-county tug of war

Print this articleMontezuma County was created in 1889. The city of Cortez was incorporated as a town in 1902. And probably ever since that time, the two entities have struggled to get along. Theirs is an uneasy relationship, one that … Continue reading

Published in February 2004

Football’s strange allure captures a reluctant fan

Print this articleI commute to work with a psychiatrist. She’s become a good friend, and during our half-hour drive, we discuss our personal lives, the weather, and occasionally who should be president. She’s a physician, so when discussing medical problems, … Continue reading

Published in February 2004, janelle holden

Bush’s military career lacks ‘shared sacrifice’

Print this articleI don’t eat turkey because growth hormones and antibiotics don’t agree with my system, but I got pretty nauseated on Thanksgiving anyway. The continuous cable-news coverage of President (you’ll never know how hard that is for me to … Continue reading

Published in David Long, January 2004

Nuclear legacy clouds White Mesa’s future

Print this article“We thought it was over, but it’s just like it was. Will there ever be an end to the Indian Wars?” — Bruce Cockburn, songwriter, human-rights activist In the ramshackle community of White Mesa, Utah, a rusty swing-set … Continue reading

Published in January 2004

Investigators seeking ‘smoking gun’ in Mancos fire

Print this articleThe gaping black hole on Grand Avenue in Mancos has been there for so long, most folks don’t even notice it any more. Seven months after the old Bounty Hunter store and Nathaniel’s hat shop burned beyond repair … Continue reading

Published in January 2004

Evil Empire? Critics, fans debate Wal-Mart

Print this article“As Wal-Mart rolled out its franchises, it sucked commerce off Main Streets, destroying traditional retailers that had served their communities for generations. But in the face of the abundance Wal-Mart produced, in the form of new jobs, consumer … Continue reading

Published in January 2004

Boggy Draw to get facelift

Print this articleThe popular Boggy Draw area near Dolores will get a facelift, official recognition as a recreation site, and more publicity under plans proposed by the Dolores Ranger District of the San Juan National Forest. The Forest Service is … Continue reading

Published in January 2004

A-LP Lite grows porker

Print this articleSkeptical citizens peppered Bureau of Reclamation officials with questions about the ballooning costs of the Animas-La Plata Project at a meeting Dec. 19 in Durango. “Isn’t lying to Congress a criminal activity?” asked Michael Black of Taxpayers for … Continue reading

Published in January 2004

‘Festivus’ for the rest of us

Print this articleOne of my favorite Seinfeld episodes is about “Festivus,” the holiday Frank Castanza made up to replace Christmas. Instead of a tree you get an undecorated pole. And instead of sharing good times with friends and family there … Continue reading

Published in janelle holden, January 2004