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Environmentalists, water-users team up to protect the pristine Hermosa watershed

Wilderness areas are sometimes criticized as being mostly “rock and ice,” swaths of above-timberline terrain that is hard to get to and has little risk of development. The lack of practical access for roads, home sites, logging, dams and mining … Continue reading

Published in July 2010

A green light for uranium-mining on the checkerboard reservation

A long legal battle over a proposed uranium mine on the border of the Navajo Nation near Church Rock. N.M., has apparently ended in favor of mining company Hydro Resources Inc. The question decided by the court in HRI vs. … Continue reading

Published in July 2010

Should Montezuma County enter the immigration debate?

The Montezuma County commissioners are considering whether to weigh in on the explosive issue of illegal immigration by formally supporting the governor of Arizona, the state that recently passed the toughest immigration law in the nation. For three meetings in … Continue reading

Published in July 2010

A step toward county-wide zoning

After a lengthy and free-wheeling discussion of zoning’s pros and cons, the Montezuma County commissioners on June 14 gave their planning director the go-ahead to work on options for trying to get the entire county zoned. “It’s not going to … Continue reading

Published in July 2010

Tapestry of life: Kady’s weavings depict family and surroundings

“I am very passionate about it,” says Navajo weaver Roy Kady of his art. “It’s my love. I can feel it at the tips of my fingers.” Kady grew up in a weaving family in Goat Springs, a small community … Continue reading

Published in Arts & Entertainment, July 2010

Challenging tradition: Women seek the Navajo presidency

Navajo Mountain in Arizona emerges as a symbol of beauty and tradition resting on the northern horizon of the Navajo Nation like an indigo ship at sea: graceful, mysterious and remote. It is a two-hour drive from Kayenta and three … Continue reading

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Hart emphasizes commitment to community

The two Republican candidates for Montezuma County sheriff in the Aug. 10 primary have quite a bit in common: Both have more than two decades of law-enforcement experience, both advocate the fair and impartial enforcement of our laws, both have … Continue reading

Published in Election, July 2010

Spruell proud of work with drug task force

Cortez Police Sgt. Dennis Spruell is nothing if not single-minded when it comes to his career path. At 52, he may be getting a little long in the tooth to be running fleeing suspects to ground, but that doesn’t mean … Continue reading

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