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Kerry should have been a coward

Am I detecting a trend here? Bill Clinton, America’s most famous draft-dodger, philanderer and non-inhaling pot-smoker, was elected president in 1992 over George Bush the Elder, a decorated World War II hero who had survived being shot down in a … Continue reading

Published in David Long, September 2004

Rummy’s Iraqi lovebird comes home to roost

“We would not be facing the problems in Iraq today if the technologically advanced countries of the world had seen the danger and strictly enforced the economic sanctions against Iraq.” — Donald Rumsfeld in 2003 condemning the “old Europe” nations … Continue reading

Published in August 2004, David Long

Yellowbelly (aka Campbell) cooks up ethical stew

It’s get-back time. Retiring U.S. Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell, who prides himself on his Native American heritage, once called me a racist because I ridiculed his position on using Indian monikers for sports teams. You know, like the Washington Redskins, … Continue reading

Published in David Long, July 2004

Niggardly Congress ignores ‘compassionate conservatism’

Long ago in a faraway place, I worked at a McDonald’s when burgers, fries, shakes and soft drinks were the whole menu, with hamburgers priced at 15 cents, cheeseburgers 19 cents and shakes and Cokes a quarter. There was no … Continue reading

Published in David Long, June 2004

Age of Innocence should be laid to rest

Enough is enough. The next time I hear the smarmy phrase “women and children” — or even worse, “innocent women and children” — in the context of some past or impending human tragedy, the taut, stretched blood vessels of my … Continue reading

Published in David Long, May 2004

Lies, damned lies and Bush politics

“These guys are the most crooked, you know, lying group I’ve ever seen – it’s scary.” — Sen. John Kerry “Mission Accomplished,” declared a huge banner the White House had prepared as a backdrop for President Bush’s visit to a … Continue reading

Published in April 2004, David Long

Testing the yellow waters

While many right-thinking folks are focusing all their energies on getting rid of the scurrilous Patriot Act, our civil liberties are being seriously eroded on yet another front with hardly a whimper of protest. In one of several offensive propositions … Continue reading

Published in David Long, March 2004

Bush’s military career lacks ‘shared sacrifice’

I don’t eat turkey because growth hormones and antibiotics don’t agree with my system, but I got pretty nauseated on Thanksgiving anyway. The continuous cable-news coverage of President (you’ll never know how hard that is for me to write) Bush’s … Continue reading

Published in David Long, January 2004

Gay couples shouldn’t have to just ‘shack up’

My oldest sister Shirley, who was like a second mother to me, had a loving, committed relationship with another woman from the time they were high-school classmates until breast cancer killed her way too soon. From the time I can … Continue reading

Published in David Long, December 2003

Rush to judgment

“It is my heartfelt belief that, no matter what your status in life, you can learn what’s possible for you in this country by studying me. And if you attain even a fraction of my level of excellence, you will … Continue reading

Published in David Long, November 2003

The hunt for cheap meat

For my money, there’s no denying that we Americans are as bloodthirsty a lot as you’ll find anywhere else on the globe, with the possible exceptions of Rwanda and Cambodia. We’ve got a murder rate that far outshines any other … Continue reading

Published in David Long, October 2003

Pledging ‘something’ to the flag

“I pledge something to the flag of the United States of America, and to the something for which it stands,” is how I remember reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in the one-room schoolhouse I attended many years ago. “One nation, … Continue reading

Published in David Long, September 2003