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Saying last goodbyes

Print this articleLIGHTNING HEART … Fred Haberlein was a muralist of note. Some 140 or so of his pieces grace Colorado walls, water tanks and municipal parks, as well spots in several adjoining states. He grew up in the San … Continue reading

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Mourning mushrooms’ wise wild elder

Print this articleGARY LINCOFF … Having come from immigrant shopkeepers, and a second generation of professionals – many of them doctors – Gary took a different tack. He studied philosophy in college and then took up with mushrooms. As he … Continue reading

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An aerial tour of the Colorado Plateau

Print this articleFLYING HOME … Published by the Peaks, Plateaus & Canyons Association, Sojourns was a gorgeous Colorado Plateau journal of 14 years’ standing, only recently having ceased publication. According to co-editor Carol Haralson, they decided to send the photo-thick … Continue reading

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Going back to Clovis people in Colorado

Print this articleEAGLE ROCK SHELTER … For years I’ve been working on a calendar that will reflect this place where we live. I’ve wanted to base it on the earliest dates that humans might have settled the “New World” – … Continue reading

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Fulfilling a dream on my bucket list

Print this articleBUCKET LISTS … The concept of a bucket list has intrigued folks like myself for years. There are certain things one wants to do in one’s life, but that seem perhaps unattainable. So you file them away in … Continue reading

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Telluride Museum hosts Indigenous Peoples Day

Print this articleThe Telluride Institute’s Ute Reconciliation program is hosting the Second Annual Indigenous Peoples Day in Telluride, in partnership with San Miguel County and the Telluride Historical Museum … “Following last year’s successful event, we wanted to continue the … Continue reading

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Handing the myco-baton to the young

Print this articleNEW GENERATION … It was a grand celebration at the Telluride Mushroom Festival last month – the 37th time fungophiles have gathered in San Miguel County to foray for shrooms in the surrounding hills. To meet and listen … Continue reading

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Shroomfest features Dennis McKenna

Print this articlePAONIA BOY … The 37th annual Telluride Mushroom Festival kicks off Aug. 17th this year and features a marvelously full schedule of wonderful speakers, forays, workshops, parade, etc. But the star of this year’s show will be Dennis … Continue reading

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On the road again

Print this articleGRADUATION … ‘Twas a gathering of the Friedberg / Goodtimes / Sante / Hollinbeck / Willow / Fan / Coyotl / Oshá / Thorneycroft / Rosenthal / Modena clan up in Walla Walla last month to see Sara … Continue reading

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Evaporative loss and the Colorado River system

Print this articleDOCTOR BOB … I still get the chills thinking about Norwoodian Robert Grossman’s review of the initial draft Colorado River plan that Gov. Hick released for public comment a few years back. It was one of those many … Continue reading

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Taking entheogens out of the closet

Print this articleSHROOMS GO MAINSTREAM … As a San Francisco-born born paleohippie who cut his adolescent teeth in the drug-experimentation days of the Sixties, I’ve never understood the mainstream’s fear of entheogens. As a health concern it seems mostly manufactured. … Continue reading

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Making lyric mud in Todos Santos

Print this articleBAJA CALIFORNIA SUR … It was the late great Hobo bard Utah Phillips who made me do it … Go back with me to Marin County. North of San Francisco. 1976. When California’s children, post-Sixties, were still flowering. … Continue reading

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